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                            Welcome! You are entering a world of amazing, original music from independent artists.  All songs on FMA are free to access and download. Do you need music for a project? 

                            NEW! If you have a budget, Tribe of Noise PRO will be your favorite website for safe to use, royalty-free, original music. Search and sign up is free. Select a license, pay and download.

                            In some cases you can also use Creative Commons licensed FMA songs for free in your project. Make sure to read this License Guide first. If in doubt contact us

                            FMA NEXT PROJECT

                            FMA NEXT is our project name for relaunching Free Music Archive. Focus 2020: improve FMA's free to access music archive. Allow musicians to add more free music and premium content. Improve the look & feel. And last but not least: offer visitors free and premium content.

                            Most online media services make money from subscriptions or advertisements. FMA wants to participate in a new model: consumers sign up to one secure service for a fixed fee of $5 per month and get unlimited access to premium content on many platforms offering online video, gaming, magazines, news and music like FMA.

                            Don't worry! Free Music Archive is and stays free. But we think consumers are willing to pay for easy to access, premium content and the freedom to use many different content providers as opposed to just one. While premium content is consumed small amounts will automatically be transferred to creators and platforms like FMA. Fair trade!

                            Updates FMA

                            2020-08-01 | FMA starts indepth interviews 
                            2020-07-14 | FMA surveyed 3,000+ members
                            2020-06-05 | Start rebuilding FMA back end
                            2020-05-21 | FMA receives grant
                            2019-12-30 | FMA Search is back!
                            2019-09-18 | Tribe of Noise acquires FMA

                            Music for Media

                            Free Music Archive is known for free to download music licensed under Creative Commons. How to use CC music: FMA License Guide.

                            If your project needs safe to use, royalty-free, original music and you have a small budget, go to  Tribe of Noise PRO.


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