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                            Global Music Community Tribe of Noise Acquired Free Music Archive. Our journey so far:

                            Sept 12, 2019

                            Tribe of Noise (ToN) signed the agreement to acquire Free Music Archive. The upcoming weeks will be busy transferring ownership.

                            Phase 1 (Finished Dec 1, 2019)

                            Based on the first reports and user feedback we decided to pause the FMA databases and start publishing static HTML pages. Visitors are able to browse, listen and download music for free. All standard database features e.g. search, login, edit, add, delete are disabled until further notice.

                            Phase 2 - Key functionalities

                            Dec 30, 2019
                            FMA SEARCH (also on mobile) is back!!

                            Q1, 2020
                            Follow our updates on Twitter to learn more.

                            RECENT NEWS

                            2019-12-30 | FMA SEARCH is back!

                            2019-12-01 | Start Phase 2

                            2019-10-05 | FMA (Sub) genres are back

                            2019-09-23 | 55% FMA static pages are back  

                            2019-09-18  | Tribe of Noise acquires FMA

                            MUSIC FOR MEDIA

                            Free Music Archive and Tribe of Noise are known for free to download music licensed under Creative Commons

                            If your project needs podcast safe or royalty free music and you have a (small) budget, check Tribe of Noise PRO.

                            FMA UPDATES

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